Tattoo Removal: No longer a Painful Process

Tattoos beautify the body and help express your feelings. People get inked for various reasons, but often those reasons are mistaken. Getting a tattoo in memory of your parents is a great idea while getting a tattoo to express your mood or feelings might leave you thinking about its removal after a while. When you think about tattoo removal, the first thing that comes to the mind is, will it be painful? This is the concern for many, but do not worry. There are a lot of tattoo removal techniques which makes the process painless such as with IPL laser machines. There are a lot of tattoo removal techniques which makes the process painless.

The Q-switched ruby laser is the first treatment developed for tattoo removal and is considered the best laser for tattoo removal. The wavelength used by this laser is very effective on colours which are difficult to remove and is measured in nanoseconds. This technique removes the black and blue pigments successfully but is not able to remove red, yellow and green pigments.

Active laser tattoo removal technique is another effective method to remove the tattoos permanently. This Q-switched tattoo removal machine breaks down the pigments in small particles, which is then easily removed by the body’s immune system. However, this technique is not able to remove yellow or light blue colours. It has minimal side effects. This technique is an expensive one but the results are marvellous.

Picosure is the latest addition to painless tattoo removal techniques. It is one of the most advanced laser technology. It differs from the traditional laser tattoo removal techniques by using ultrashort burst which is measured in picoseconds or trillionths of a second, to break the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which are then eliminated by the body. The 532nm wavelength is designed to effectively treat red, orange and yellow ink colours.

Another painless technique to remove tattoos is Picoway which uses dual wavelength lasers to remove the tattoos and is effective on a wide variety of tattoo types and colours. It is also effective on all tattoo designs that might not have responded to previous tattoo removal techniques. The settings can be customised according to the skin tone. As compared to other picoseconds lasers, Picoway can break up the pigment into smaller particles, making it easier for the body to clear the particles and provide more efficient treatment.

Apart from laser techniques, Rejuvi is another painless method to remove tattoos. The method employs, injecting a cream into the skin with the help of micro pigmentation pen. The cream bonds with the ink and reveals it. As the skin heals, it rejects the cream which is pushed up to the surface of the skin, taking the pigment with it. This technique has higher success rate than the laser methods, is less expensive, less painful and there is a minimum risk of scarring.

Dermabrasion also removes the tattoos but it is a very painful process which involves scraping away the skin. Dermabrasion is also used to treat the signs of ageing but is not as effective as microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion machine by Universal IPL helps to treat the signs of ageing but it does not affect the tattoos and is less painful.