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Latest Trend: Tattoo instead of a real wedding ring

Marriages, it is said are made in heaven and vows made on the wedding day are deemed to be permanent. The wedding ring is seen to be a constant reminder of the deep and eternal love that two people have for each other. However, if the marriage does not go along expected lines, the wedding ring can be slipped off at a moment’s notice. Hence the theory of “permanent” often falls flat.

If the latest trends are anything to go by, couples are taking this “permanent” factor a bit too seriously. In a bid to stretch this lasting aspect to the length of their lives, many couples are opting to have a tattoo instead of the wedding ring. Instagram and other social media platforms are flooded with photos that show matching tattoos replacing wedding rings as a declaration of unwavering love and dedication to each other.

This trend of replacing platinum, gold and diamonds with a tattoo is primarily an effort to be exclusive and not from want of choice. This sentiment can be better understood if one considers that the selection of tattoos and the range of wedding rings that one can select from are almost unlimited in scope and scale.

For instance, visit a well-known tattooist and go through the designs on offer to replace wedding rings. Simultaneously go here at and browse the collection of exquisite wedding rings. You will find that in both cases you will be spoilt for choice. Hence, opting for a tattoo over wedding rings is not because of the limited range of either of them. It is to make a wedding stand out from the crowd by replacing the traditional wedding ring with a tattoo.

Opting for a tattoo instead of a wedding ring is not only about having an impression on the ring finger. A glance at social media posts shows that couples are showing off their wedding tattoos on thumbs and wrists apart from the ring finger.

Most wedding tattoos are dainty and have minimalistic designs, unlike general tattoos that cover large parts of the body. It is generally limited to a small symbol of love like the eternity sign or a couple of lines of ink on the ring finger signifying a wedding band. Some couples even ink the date of the wedding in Roman numerical – eliminating the possibility of ever forgetting the anniversary date! Another popular option is tattooing a short name or the initials of the other half where the ring is usually placed.

Get a tattoo instead of a wedding ring or better still wear a wedding ring and also have a tattoo on the ring finger to make your commitment to love rock stable.