Personality with Tattoos

Expressing your Personality with Tattoos

A tattoo is not merely an etching on the body; it signifies the mental frame and personality of the tattooed and a pointer to that period in life when the tattoo was created. It is often seen that those temporary moments pass off but the tattoo stays back – the name of a loved one, a place visited or even a date to be remembered. Men and women too have different ideas of what a tattoo should be – rarely would you see a small beautiful rose on a man or a skull and bones picture on a woman. This is primarily because the inner psyche of a person is best reflected in a tattoo.

Here too, there are fine lines that divide the very essence of a tattoo. Take the example of a flower tattoo. A pink flower depicts wealth and happiness while a white lily a deep seated innocence. Again, a lotus and a rose tattoo denote prosperity and the making of a new life. Similarly, other flowers and colours all have unique meanings that are well brought out in the personality of the wearer. The reason why women prefer flower tattoos is because they are essentially an expression of femineity.

Tattoos are not a new phenomenon and can be traced back to ancient times when they were an integral part of cultural and religious identity of specific groups of people. These have evolved through times and today you can choose from a wide range, from the traditional types to modern funky ones that show today’s mindset and personality. A tattoo artist is much in demand today and tattoos are considered to be Body Art. Since it is both creative and an expression of the outlook of the wearer, tattoos have to be planned carefully after a lot of discussion between the artist and the tattooed.

Some people feel that wearing a tattoo denotes a weak personality and thereby the need arises to express thoughts, ideas and feelings through body art, something that they otherwise would find it difficult to do. This is not entirely true. Take the case of showing solidarity to a movement or a religious belief through tattoos. There is nothing weak about it but instead a constant reminder both to self and others of what they hold dear to their hearts.

All this might be true but this belief or expression can be a disadvantage at times. Take the case of a job applicant with a large visible tattoo. HR executives and talent hunters often frown on such tattoos as they feel that it might clash with the work culture prevailing in an organisation and be a disruptive force amongst employees. However, those in man management like Shannon Pigram who devise and implement top and effective leadership programs and learning strategies generally have a more liberal attitude towards tattoos.

Every tattoo has a story to tell and depicts a part of time in the wearer’s life. An experienced tattoo artist has templates for various occasions and can also customise tattoos according to specific needs. Tattoos can be made to represent a value that a person is trying to project about him/her or even an etching of a few words that will draw them nearer to another with the same objectives or goals in life. It is a way to go above the mundane and the ordinary and give wings to self expressions, ambitions and values of life.