Custom Tattoo Design

What is Custom Tattoo Design and How to Choose One That’s Best for You

Let’s start with the first part – what is a custom tattoo design? Custom tattoos are exclusive to you and are a reflection of your taste and personality. A tattoo is supposed to be a mark for life and hence great thought should go into it. It can be a symbol of your love for somebody, your passion for music, an interest in nature or simply a complicated mass of modern art that only you can decipher. Whatever it might be, a custom tattoo design is unique and like no other conventional tattoo taken straight out of the binder of the tattoo artist.

For a custom tattoo to be successfully etched exactly as per your specifications there should be a close coordination between the tattoo artist and you and might entail hours of consultation before the right image surfaces on paper. Ideas and plans will be tossed around and you should try and show a few references to the artist about what exactly you have in mind. The more the references you can produce the clearer will be his conception about what you truly desire. These references may be photos, colour samples or simply rudimentary sketches that will help to elaborate on your thoughts about the dream tattoo.

Once the tattoo is finalised, the artist will work “freehand” since it is a custom tattoo without a fixed template or stencil. It means that the artist will draw directly on to your skin. Even in conventional tattoos, the best artists prefer freehand as stencils do not follow the natural curves of the body. A tattoo that moves along the flow of the skin looks very natural. This method is very useful when tattoos are created over a large section of the body or at awkward and unconventional places.

A problem with freehand is that unless the artist is talented and experienced the lines can go awry. It is always advisable therefore to ask for previous samples of freehand tattoos from the artist before going under the needle for a custom tattoo.

The next point is how to choose a tattoo that is the best for you. Do it after a lot of thought as a tattoo always has a story to tell about that point in life when it was etched on you.

Start with researching the works of good graphic designers for ideas. After all tattoos are forms of graphic art. One of the leading graphic designers who you can bank on for fresh thoughts is Jarrod Carland, founder of the well known design agency Studio Jack.

When you choose a design for a tattoo, think for a moment whether it matches your personality. For example if you are the cheery types and mix a lot with children, you would not consider having a skull tattooed on the back of your hand. Similarly, if you prefer the all-leather macho biker look, you will hardly want a dainty red flower engraved on your body. Most of the time, the tattoo will be visible to you and you should mentally feel at peace with it on your body.

Even after you have gone through extensive research and graphic design books there is always a possibility that you might not get the perfect design idea that you are looking for. In that case consult friends, especially those with tattoos for a suitable design. Based on their experience in picking a tattoo for themselves they will be able to give you solid guidance in this regard.

Custom tattoos are the rage today. Think about the many possibilities before having one etched on your body.

Tatto Artist

Useful Tips for Budding Tattoo Artists

Tattooing is an ancient form of art that includes embedding ink in skin to produce patterns or drawings(on a permanent or temporary basis depending on your will). Tattoo artists are specialists who create and ink tattoos on the desired section of their clients’ body using specific needles and other equipment. There are certain things that you need to consider before thinking of a career in this line.

When handling clients, poise and composure are advisable. Extended sessions of sitting are frequently a part of a tattoo artist’s professional life, as certain designs take a substantial amount of time to complete.

Ambitious tattoo designers ought to have an exceptional artistic flair and creativity. Prior to joining an established artist as an apprentice, you need to build a professional portfolio showcasing your work. Your portfolio must exhibit your versatility and skill to sketch a wide range of subjects. It can comprise of both, your creations and top-quality pictures of designs. Enrolling for art classes from a reputable institution can also enable an enthusiastic tattoo artist to gain knowledge about different art skills, such as scale, dimension and hues, all of which are required to achieve success as a tattoo designer.

Of all the things that you as a tattoo artist need to do to succeed in this field, the most significant might be to get reviews on your work. Although, it may pinch you a bit to learn that you are not up to the mark in some aspects. However, the best part about it is that till you hear about it, you virtually never notice it. Taking constructive criticism in your stride will not only empower you to fix your flaws promptly but also grow as an artist. Besides talking to your clients, there are several online forums where critiques where you can get a fair estimate of how your work is perceived through critiques. Posting your work on such forums can be really beneficial as it helps you to identify the areas that require improvement.

Like any other field, training in this profession is crucial. During the training period, you will work in a store under the expert guidance of a seasoned tattoo artist. Here you will get trained in various aspects of tattooing including designing tattoos, operating the equipment and sterilising it. Besides that, some apprenticeships incorporate lessons on the commercial aspects of tattooing.

Last but not the least, it is advisable for budding tattoo artists to remain patient as success may take its own time to. It is a very rare occurrence that an artist attains success immediately in this line. Nevertheless, if you can establish a sound reputation as a reliable and exceptional artist with a modest and considerate approach then ultimately you will increase your customer base and achieve your career goals as a tattoo artist.