About Us

Earlier information regarding tattoo design and procedures was more or less, classified in nature, perpetually covered in a veil of secrecy and misapprehensions. The only means for tattoo aspirants to gain an insight into the world of tattoos was personal interaction with an established tattoo designer. Due to that, the growth of the art form was quite limited, compelling even committed & experienced experts to depend on titbits to learn anything new about tattooing.

Tattoodesigner.net is here to entertain, encourage and connect tattoo designers and enthusiasts of the art form. It builds an environment where tattoo professionals can broaden their audience and connect with followers of their work on a global scale through informative and entertaining blogs, articles and images.

The core objective here is to established a social forum where enthusiasts can easily access comprehensive information and take a look at collections of artists and exclusive tattoo stores.

The artists have a chance to form a space where they can instantly share particular information through written material or videos and pics. That empowers them to forge a platform to present their work to tattoo fans across the world.

The site has numerous unique articles intended for tattoo artists and collectors.  In case you are a tattoo fan or an aspiring tattoo artist and you seek novel and enlightening information about tattoos and eminent tattoo artists, you don’t need to look beyond tattoodesigner.net.